What’s Non-Climate-Storage

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Since there are climate-controlled storages, there are also non-climate-controlled storages. A non-climate storage is precisely how it sounds. You can’t control the temperature and humidity in this type of storage. Despite this, non-climate storage is just as good as climate-controlled storage. Climate-controlled storages are usually inside, while some non-climate units are outside. If the unit is outside, you’ll be able to take advantage of the drive-up access to make transporting your items a smooth, fast experience. Non-climate units generally cost less than climate-controlled units. This is great for saving money if you’re storing items that aren’t sensitive to the temperature.

You shouldn’t get a non-climate unit if you plan on storing electronics, DVDs, furniture, art pieces, clothing, leather, metal, vinyl records, instruments, TVs, makeup, medical supplies, medical equipment, medicines, antiques, wine, photos, crucial documents, antique vehicles, stamps, comics, and coins. These items can be damaged depending on the temperature.

In a non-climate unit, you can store items such as gardening equipment (tractors, weed wackers, mowers), clothes (in a sealed airtight container, like a plastic bin), cars, trucks, RVs, boats, hardware (tools, PVC), curtains and drapes, holiday decorations, plastic, metal, or patio furniture (they’re used to being outside), silverware, and other kitchen (plate, and mugs) items since they’re not sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. Just make sure to empty the gasoline out of your vehicle before storing it to prevent fires from any gas leaks.

Cover and wrap your items to provide more preserve your item’s appearance. Towels and newspapers are good for easily breakable items, such as glass. Always dry your items before storing them to prevent damage from moisture. Cedar balls help keep moths away from your clothes. Taking apart large items can make them easier to move, giving you more space in your storage. At Tellus Self Storage, we provide both climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled storage units. Come by one of our 37 locations and start your storage journey.