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Why You Should Store Your Vehicle in a Storage Unit

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Have you ever had a vehicle take up space unnecessarily? Here are some reasons why you should invest in storing your car into a climate controlled storage unit. Cars Storage units are the perfect place to keep an antique car from getting damaged. Having a valuable car makes it an instant target for thieves If […]

Storing Your Boats

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Storing Your Boats Here in Gulfport, you, or you probably know someone who owns a boat. When you’re not using it, or it’s the offseason, it might take up some space in your driveway, and rodents could get comfortable with at home. You also have worry about thieves taking off with your boat as well. […]

Reminder: Pest Prevention starts with you

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Here are three things you can do to remediate pests when using self-storage. Of course, there are many choices for where to store your belongings, and we at Tellus Self Storage take pride in spreading awareness when it comes to the dos and don’ts of self-storage.

3 Things to Never Place in Self Storage

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Moving your belongings into storage can be very difficult, we understand that and would like to provide you with a friendly reminder of items that should never be placed in storage.

Why you should use a disc lock for self storage

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Self Storage disk lock

The image above shows a disc lock. This type of lock is circular in shape and works with a key, they do come with different options like a number combination or alpha numericals. Some Key Benefits of the Disc Locks. Disc locks are developed specifically for the self storage industry. They are hard to open […]