Self Storage for Any Occasion

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Self Storage for any Occasion  If you’ve ever asked the question: What can self storage do for me? Then you’re in luck! Here are just a few of the many occasions that warrant a Storage Unit. 

Does Self Storage really fit any occasion?

Sort answer: YES. While self storage might be the first idea to come to mind during difficult, or unforeseen circumstances it is a viable solution to provide storage when you need it most. All of our storage facilities are unique and offer self storage options like climate controlled, non-climate, boat storage, RV storage, and even automotive storage. Check the Tellus Self Storage location nearest you for their unique storage offerings. Additionally we do not have contracts, but instead offer month-to-month leasing with a 10 day move out notice. This is the perfect solution for any short term storage that you may need.

Now let us take a look at the longer answer and explore the specifics of how you can benefit from self storage.

  • Divorce: A place to put items while you sort out the details, especially finding a new place to live (if needed)
  • Deployment: We offer Military discounts, be sure to fill out all the paperwork carefully as we ask for additional information required for deployment.
  • New Job: If you’re transitioning to a new job it might help to move things you no longer need, or while you clean and organize.
  • New Home: No matter if you’re upsizing or downsizing; self storage allows you a place to put items while you decide their fate.
  • Transfers / Relocation: Store your items as you get settled, redecorate, or even just organize.
  • Graduation: For both High School and College you should consider a storage unit, this allows you to sort out the other details of your life while also deciding what to hold onto and what to let go as you transition from one stage to the next.

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