Living in a Studio Apartment

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Living in a small space such as a studio apartment can be overwhelming, with nowhere to put your stuff. The thought of giving or throwing away your excess items comes to mind until you remember about storage units. Renting a storage unit is cheaper than getting a larger apartment, so here are some tips for living in a studio apartment.

  • Keeping your room clean and organized is an excellent way to maintain space. Use labeled containers and plastic storage boxes to store items such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, electronics, documents, paper, and other small objects. Be sure to stack the boxes and containers vertically for more space in your room.
  • A climate-controlled unit will help protect items such as electronics, sporting goods, bikes, furniture, clothing, art, musical instruments, etc.
  • Measuring the size of your items before storing them can help you decide on an appropriately sized storage.
  • A bunk bed can give you space to put more stuff under your bed, or you can place a couch to preserve space.
  • Hanging up your clothes will help clear up space as well.
  • Only buy essential food, plates, cups, and utensils, so your cabinets don’t overflow with expired food.
  • Putting shelves on your gives you space and a nice spot for decorations.
  • 5×10 units are ideal for those with a studio apartment—5×10 units similar in size to a closet.
  • Remember that you can’t store anything that is perishables, chemicals, weapons, flammables, hazardous, toxic, or illegal.
  • Rent from a facility with drive-up accessible units for storing larger items.
  • Rent from a facility with 24-hour access, so you don’t have to wait until the next day to retrieve something from your unit.
  • Rent from a facility that sells supplies and boxes, just in case you forgot something.
  • If your apartment complex isn’t okay with keeping your boat or RV on the complex, then you can store your boat or RV in a storage unit.

Those were tips on living in a studio apartment with excess baggage. Keep your new apartment walkable by storing it with us at Tellus Self Storage Forney.