4 Self Storage Tips – Packing

Categories: Moving, Self-Storage

Getting ready to load up and head to your self storage unit? Here are 4 things to help make the packing process a little easier.

Packing might seem like a pretty straight forward task, you clean it up and put it in a box. Easy, right? Well, while that might be the quick and dirty way to get things done if you spend a little bit of time planning your packing needs and organize your storage unit you have a potential to create a long lasting positive experience.

Self Storage Packing Tip One:

Loading up

After you’ve assembled a team to help you move its time to pack it up and head out. This tip might seem like extra work on the front end but once you get to the storage facility and have to unload it’ll be well worth it. Sort and load up items in your vehicle backward. Meaning, start with items you’d like in the FRONT of your unit and end with items you’d like in the BACK.

This way once you get to the storage facility you will be ready to load up the unit in one fluid motion. NO double work.


Self Storage Packing Tip Two:


When loading up your storage unit be sure to create mini aisles. This will allow you to easily get to items in the back of your unit as well as organize things. Set up sections within your unit so that you can quickly and easily find items.

** Bonus tip: Don’t stack things up against the walls, be sure to leave some space for air. By creating this ventilation area you help reduce the risk of mold.


Self Storage Packing Tip Three:



Be sure to utilize the hight of your storage unit. By using boxes or totes of the same shape and size you can create sturdy ‘towers’ allowing you to fill up the vertical space in your storage unit. Additionally, you can store couches on their sides and stack tables and chairs on one another to create more hight than the width.

** Bonus tip: Utilize shelving! Create more vertical storage in your unit by adding shelving. This will also help you keep things more organized and accessible.

If you have any questions or would like help assessing how much space you’ll need give our Storage Experts a call: 1-800-773-6691 or contact us online!