Short-Term Storage Benefits

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Self-Storage has tons of benefits and can be used for various reasons. Depending on your need for storage, you could store your possessions long-term or short-term. If you need a unit for only a tiny amount of time, then fortunately, at Tellus Self Storage, we offer month-to-month leases with no pressure to stay long-term. There are various reasons why one would need short-term storage.

College Students

College students get a new dorm room each year, or they could move off campus and into an apartment the following year. Instead of moving all of their stuff home and having to bring it back next year, they can instead move all of their things into a storage unit to save the multiple trips to retrieve all of their stuff.


When moving between houses, a storage unit can make scheduling more flexible. A storage unit is mainly for this when the lease of your current residence ends before your move-in date.


If you’re a business owner moving or expanding locations, you’ll need a place to store inventory, tools, and work supplies until everything is situated.


Storage would be great for seasonal items such as Christmas trees, Halloween costumes, and Mardi Gras floats. You could also store camping gear such as tents, fishing rods, RVs, and backpacks for when it’s not camping season.


Renovating a room in your house can be demanding, and you need to rearrange your furniture. A storage unit can relieve anxiety by giving you more space and making you more organized.


During the offseason, you’ll need a place to keep your equipment in its best condition. Storage is an excellent option for a facility that puts on many sporting events.

Short-term storage can be a long-term solution for your needs, so come by and rent a storage unit at Tellus Self Storage.