Pest Control : Cleaning your Sofa

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Cleaning your sofa might seem like a lot of work and a waste of time, especially if you are just going to place it in storage. We’d like to disagree and here’s why. 


Is my Sofa Clean?

While we like to believe that all of our furniture is clean, its best to work under the assumption that it is not. Let’s take a step back and think like an insect. How much food does a single insect need to survive? Surely a few crumbs will go a long way, with this knowledge in mind how many meals do you think your sofa currently has? Unless you’re a super neat freak there’s bound to be a few meals stored between the cushions.

What should you do? The simple answer is to clean your sofa.

How do I clean my Sofa?

First things first, do your cousins come off? If so you should wash and completely dry them. Next, take a vacuum to the entire sofa. Get in the cracks, over the sides, top, middle parts and were the pillows or cushions sit. Once that’s done you can call it good, or you can take cleaner to the sofa. Depending on the material you might want to skip this extra step.


Extra Precautions

Now that your sofa is nice an clean you can store it. One thing that might also help the storage process is the application of a furniture cover. Most of our facilities sell these, but they can be purchased online or at any big box retailer. For a bit more information on Furniture covers check out this article: What is a Furniture Cover?

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