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Top Two Storage Unit Tips for organization and functionality

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2 Storage Unit Tips

Welcome to your Storage Unit, now what? Let’s pretend you’ve already made the decision to store things, now comes the tedious part: packing. One of the most important things that should take place while packing is the Labeling of Boxes. “But it takes so  much longer to stop and label every box” “I’ll remember what’s […]

Things to Love about Self Storage

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love self storage

The Self-Storage Industry may not sound glamorous to you, but there are lots of things to love about it. Sure, you can pack up extra stuff and store it away to make more room for more stuff at home. And, yes, it is awesome that you can get that boat out of your front yard […]

Climate Control or Non Climate Control?

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Climate or Non-Climate

Join us as we discuss the difference between climate and non-climate control self storage units. Climate Control Climate Control is the best way to protect your belongings from extreme temperatures. Drastic changes in weather can lead to build up moisture, which is bad when storing items. Having this type of unit helps control humidity, which […]

Moving and Storage Hacks!

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moving and packing hacks

Packing up your precious belongings can be stressful. Figuring out the best way to keep things safe while moving or storing can be a hassle. The 5-Minute Crafts YouTube Channel has a great video that has 21 hacks to help you pack up your stuff more effectively! So check out the video at the bottom […]

My husband and I wanted to simplify our lives. This would include getting rid of unwanted and unused items throughout our home and garage. We moved from a three (3) bedroom, two (2) bathroom house with a mother-in-law dwelling behind the main house, down to a two (2) bedroom, two (2) bathroom apartment. We were […]

Yellow Fin Tuna Catch with Boscoe Lures!

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Customized Boscoe Lures

  Dave and the Tellus Wildlife Management Team, along with Boscoe Lures owner, Davis Hardesty, recently went fishing in Venice, Louisiana. Captain Jordan Ellis of the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company guided the way to this awesome yellow fin tuna catch! This beauty was caught on a custom Boscoe Lure! Dave and his crew love fishing […]

Tarpon Fishing off the West Coast of Florida (video)

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Tellus Self Storage owner, Dave Gordon, and the Tellus Wildlife Management team go fishing off the west coast of Florida. We’ve condensed the footage down for viewing purposes, but Dave’s pal, Matt, lands a pretty good-sized Tarpon. Of course, this is a catch and release scenario, so after a good fight, Matt lets the Tarpon […]

TellusSelfStorage Blog’s fresh new look

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We’ve re-designed the entire home page to make browsing our articles faster. We hope you find the new design easier and more enjoyable to use. If you have suggestions or feedback about the new look, please leave us a comment.

Self Storage Unit: Best Solution For Clutter

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Self storage units make our lives simpler and homes clutter-free. Putting valuable things in a storage unit ensures a secure environment for them. Moreover, when the need of de-cluttering a home arises, self storage seems the perfect solution. You also rent a storage space when you fall short of space to keep your personal or business items at home or your office premises.

Make Room for Baby with Self-Storage

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Whether you are expecting your first baby or your fourth, you have been changing your lifestyle in preparations to accommodate your new bundle of joy. The problem most families face is that they have too much “stuff” (meaning things you like, but don’t really need). A great solution is to rent a self-storage unit.

Storage in Hattiesburg for College Students

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If you are a college student, self storage might be a necessity. If you live in dorms during the semester, you might need to use a self storage center to store your belongings when you go home during the summer breaks, you might need self storage when you switch dorms, or you may need self storage year round for things that won’t fit in your dorm.

Finding the Right Self Storage Unit

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Are you running out of space in your home? Moving or downsizing? Rather than dealing with the hassle of a yard sale or sacrificing your closet space, consider the benefits of renting a self-storage unit. Self-storage provides a safe place to keep your belongings and can help ease the stress of moving by allowing you a more flexible time frame to pack or unpack.